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Pepper Mill

Pepper Mill

Rosewood - Sentinel Shaped

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This delightful wood retains the hint of rose fragrance and the extreme patina of its former life as post and rail on a working farm. Heavily grained natural void and acrylic window allow to guage pepper as it flows through Treacle brown hues blend with the wood's very aged exterior and golden sapwood colours. A clean uncomplicated grain pattern displaying natural edge from top to bottom.


This wood was reclaimed by us at Mundubbera, QLD and then turned by hand from a single piece of wood on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Danishdesigned CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism, guaranteed for 25 years.

Suitable for use with peppercorns, rock-salt and hard spices.


  • Height: 315 mm
  • Diameter: 67 mm
  • Weight: 860 g
  • Wood: Rosewood
  • Shape: Sentinel

Care Instructions

Almost without exception, all of our products have been made from reclaimed or recycled timber such as old posts and cattle rails. These have stood the test of time, but still don’t cope well with exposure to extremes of sudden temperature or humidity changes.

They have been finished in a blend of natural oils and waxes and should require only very minimal ongoing maintenance – at most, a yearly wipe over with food-safe neutral oil such as grapeseed or ricebran. At the same time, perhaps a very light smear on the top of the pentagonal aluminium shaft to allow the top to continue to slide on easily.

The ceramic grinding mechanism loves to crush good quality rock salt and whole peppercorns. Either white or pink Himalayan rock salt will work well but white has less moisture content so it works best.  We strongly recommend Saxa brand rock salt which is specifically labelled “suitable for refillable grinders”.

Properly seasoned wood is stable but might change superficially.

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